Hasso Plattner Institute, NYC
HPI Event - The Impact of AI on Medical Research and Clinical Decision Making
AI will have a transformative impact eclipsing that of the industrial revolution, personal computing, and the internet combined. The comprehensive adoption of AI is critical for health care not only for innovations in research and treatment, but also to reduce medical errors that lead to the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans each year. Mount Sinai intends to lead in the integration of AI in healthcare. We will weave an "intelligent fabric" of AI across the entirety of Mount Sinai Health System to transform our work, optimize diagnosis, treatment, and execute in crises like the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. AI will extend patient care well beyond the walls of the hospital, supporting wellness and disease prevention and seamlessly connecting patients with their health care teams for appointments. Mount Sinai's proven track record pioneering and adopting innovative technology, and the sheer level of talent and entrepreneurial spirit at the School strongly positions us to make this a reality.

Dr. Thomas Fuchs presented on the historic opportunity to integrate and advance AI for human health and transform how healthcare is delivered on all fronts; patient care, scientific discovery, and the overall patient experience.