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About Hasso Plattner Institute
The Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI), Germany's University Excellence Center for Digital Engineering, opened its NYC office at 10 Hudson Yards in June 2017 and the Hasso Plattner Institute for Digital Health at Mount Sinai in March 2019.
HPI New York is responsible for enhancing HPI's global outreach through a variety of activities, including conferences, symposia, panel discussions, workshops as well as the establishment of strategic partnerships in academia and industry. It is also the headquarters of the Global Design Thinking Alliance.

The office also shares information about HPI's research, teaching, and learning opportunities, including its Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), career opportunities, scholarships, and more.
The Hasso Plattner Institute, New York, in collaboration with the German International School of Silicon Valley and Tenafly High School received a generous grant for its project, "Shaping the Future of Entrepreneurship in Germany and the United States." Listen to HPI alumni founders speak with high school students about how they founded their companies and their entrepreneurial journeys here.
Upcoming events
December 6, New York
Introduction to HPI and Design Thinking
Students from New York University and Université Sorbonne Nouvelle will learn about study and research possibilities at HPI followed by an introduction to design thinking.
February 8, New York
The Digital Revolution in Health Care: Challenges, Opportunities, and the Need for Policy Innovation
New medical technologies have saved and improved millions of lives in recent decades. Yet the digital technologies transforming contemporary health care...
February 13, New York
HPI and Your Global Career
HPI Director, Dr. Joann Halpern will meet with students from Fordham University and speak about studying and conducting research at HPI as well as building a global career.
February 28, Washington, DC
International Science Forum (TBC)
HPI Director, Dr. Joann Halpern will speak with science counselors from the German Embassy as well as other embassies and scientists about the Hasso Plattner Institute. She will also introduce them to design thinking.
March 2, Boston
The MIT European Club is thrilled to announce that the 28th edition of the European Career Fair will be held on March 2nd at MIT Johnson Race Track 9am-4pm. The European Career Fair offers an invaluable opportunity for Europe-based companies to recruit top talent from...
May 1, New York
An Introduction to the Hasso Plattner Institute
Students from Spain will be visiting HPI NY during their trip to New York City. Participants will learn about studying and conducting research at HPI, the different opportunities in IT systems engineering, entrepreneurship, and design thinking.
August 23-25, San Francisco
The annual GAIN conference is a large German science and research career fair. Early career researchers and representatives from all areas of the German research landscape come together for three days of exchange...
Past events
November 20, New York
United Nations Delegation at HPI NY
UN Representatives from the Executive Office of the Secretary General will be visiting HPI NY to discuss a variety of collaborative activities.
November 14, New York
While creativity is often considered a uniquely human trait, there have recently been notable advances in Generative AI systems that readily produce increasingly convincing pictures, literature, as well as music...
November 8, New York
From broad-scale layoffs in the tech sector to the launch of generative AI, such as ChatGPT, rapid technological innovations continue to reshape and revolutionize our lives. Many of these innovations originate from research and technologies rooted in higher-education...
November 7, New York
Introduction to HPI Research and Design Thinking
HPI New York will host a group of undergraduates from ETH Zürich. Students will learn about HPI Masters programs and Design Thinking.
November 6, New York
Intro to HPI and Global Careers
Masters and PhD students from New York University will visit HPI NY to learn about global careers. They will meet with representatives from HPI, the German Consulate, Neue Galerie, and SAP.
November 3, New York
Professor Lippert will explore the transformative role of machine learning in digital health. Using case studies from his team at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, this talk will spotlight...
October 27, New York
Are you planning to pursue a graduate degree abroad? This event is designed to help you navigate the process, from finding the right program and university to understanding the requirements and application process. The invitation will be available soon.
October 25-26, Potsdam, Germany
In today's world, sustainability has become critical to the growth and success of businesses. There is no doubt that the ongoing digitalization and networking of devices and systems have a significant impact on...
October 19-20, New York
Future Forum: From Crisis to Resilience
HPI alumna, Isabel Baer will be presenting at the DWIH Future Forum: From Crisis to Resilience, which will take place in New York City. HPI NY will be actively participating in the Forum.
October 17, New York
Berlin Startup Delegation at HPI NY
In collaboration with the Berlin Business Office in NYC, HPI NY will host a delegation of startups. The companies will begin with a tour of the SAP Experience Center followed by presentations and a discussion.
October 13, New York
Introduction to HPI, SAP, and Human-Centered Design
A dynamic group of international students visited HPI NY and SAP to learn more about HPI's academic programs, SAP's activities in NYC and how human-centered design can be integrated into a variety of projects.
October 4, New York
Building Your Global Career & Introduction to HPI
HPI Director, Dr. Joann Halpern will introduce EUTOPIA Student Career Ambassadors to HPI and its programs followed by a brief talk on networking and how to build a global career.
September 30, New York
HPI Director, Dr. Joann Halpern will be moderating a panel on the European job market during the Career Booster Europe conference, which will take place in NYC.
September 30, New York
What do you need in order to successfully plan and launch your EUropean career? Interested in finding a job in the US with EUropean languages? Career Booster EUrope is an information and networking fair that prepares you for both.
September 29, New York
Symposium: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Transatlantic Bridges
HPI Director, Dr. Joann Halpern has been invited to give a talk at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering Symposium on Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Transatlantic Bridges.
September 19-20, New York
HPI NY will participate in the Fast Company Innovation Festival where innovators from across the globe convene to share ideas, network, and learn about the latest developments in technology, design, sustainability, and more.
September 15, New York
World Health Organization at HPI New York
HPI New York looks forward to hosting representatives from the World Health Organization to discuss future collaboration possibilities, especially in the area of online learning.
September 15, New York
Introduction to Design Thinking for SFC Faculty
HPI director, Dr. Joann Halpern will introduce faculty members from SFC to the design thinking process. Topics covered include working outside of your comfort zone, and the Design Thinking phases. Participants will also learn about the Hasso Plattner Institute, some of its innovative research projects, and its MOOC platform, openhpi.de.
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Studying at the Hasso Plattner Institute
The Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) in Potsdam is the only university faculty in Germany to offer a degree program in IT Systems Engineering and a postgraduate program in Design Thinking. HPI offers a practice-oriented education with award-winning degrees — without tuition fees.
The Hasso Plattner Institute
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Enter a fascinating world of knowledge with our free open online courses. Meet other participants from around the globe and familiarize yourself with fundamental and current topics in ICT, computer science and IT systems engineering.
What exactly does digital entrepreneurship mean and how does it differ from "classic" entrepreneurship? How does digital entrepreneurship influence the economy and society? How does effective collaboration between different stakeholders work and what role do digital ecosystems...
Optimization is ubiquitous in industry and research. However, many optimization problems of interest are hard to solve. In this lecture Lucia, Julien and Daniel show you how quantum computing approaches combinatorial...
WWW, the world wide web or shortly the web - really nothing more than an information service on the Internet – has changed our world by creating a whole new digital world that is closely intertwined with our real world, making reality what was previously unimaginable...
Design Thinking is an innovation approach, which evolved through the past 12 years from a university program at Stanford and HPI Potsdam to a globally respected and universally applied set of methods and tools for supporting and driving change towards a networked culture...
Digitalization and exponential growth of data are challenges to the world of traditional IT. In this course we are presenting technologies that are building blocks for the "Future of Computing".
Make sense of design research data, learn to frame a problem from a user's perspective, and generate lots of new ideas: This course will introduce you to the basics of design synthesis and brainstorming techniques.
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